The 20 New Slang Words - English Seeker

The 20 New Slang Words 2023 - English Seeker

Are you looking for new slang words? Check out the list to learn about new slang words. People around the world use these slang words throughout the day.

The 20 New Slang Words:

Vanilla – ordinary or unexciting

Chicken – coward

ICYMI – in case you missed it

Flick – movie

Grub – food

Whiz – a smart person

Salty – annoyed or upset

Cray – crazy

YOLO – you only live once

Totes – totally

Roomie – roommate

Mag – magazine

Amped – excited

Shook – shocked or surprised

Wack – bad or uncool

Boujee – fancy and extravagant

Dank – excellent

Smol – small and cute

Cheugy – out of style

On fleek – perfect

Flex – show off

Swole – extremely muscular

Steez – effortless style

FOMO – fear of missing out