New English Words With Meaning - English Seeker

New English Words With Meaning - English Seeker

Every year new English words make their way into the dictionary. Here’s the list of new English words with meaning.

New English Words With Meaning:

Stan – obsessive fan of a specific celebrity

Adulting – activities that are considered typical of adults

Hygge – feeling warm, comfortable, content

Gig worker – people who take up temporary jobs

Buzzy – exciting

Cringe – feeling embarrassed and ashamed

Long hauler – somebody who is experiencing the after-effects of any serious illness

Fast fashion – clothing at affordable prices

Finfluencer – a definite type of influencer who emphases on money-related topics

Lowkey – something that you might not want others to know explicitly

Situationship – a relationship that is more than friends but less than a couple

Nomophobia – fear of being without a mobile phone

Hangry – getting angry because of hunger

Awe walk – taking a walk outside and looking at the things around you

Contactless – not requiring physical touching or interaction between people

Truthiness – something that appears true but isn’t backed up by evidence or fact

Bit rot – digital information that can’t be opened

Makerspace – a place where people come together to create something

Awfulize – imagining a situation to be as bad as possible

Ripped – physically fit

A Game – someone’s best performance

Anglosphere - English-speaking countries collectively

Bigsie – arrogant, pretentious

Athleisure – casual, comfortable clothing or footwear

Beat – tired

Awedde – overcoming or healing from anger, madness, or distress

Awesomesauce – excellent

Awfy – terrible

Bok – A South African

Bomb – really good

Jerkweed – a silly person

Bukateria – a roadside restaurant or stall

Chickie - a term of endearment for a child

Sick – awesome

Coulrophobia - extreme fear of clowns

Dof – stupid

Fantoosh – stylish

Kvetchy – irritable

Mama put – a street vendor

Thirstry – having a strong desire for publicity

Tea – the real truth

Lit – very exciting

Fire – amazing

Cheesy – silly

Franger – condom

Shero – a female hero

Dope – very good or excellent