Most Commonly Used Slang Words In America - English Seeker

Most Commonly Used Slang Words In America - English Seeker

It’s very difficult to find a person who doesn’t use slang words. Slag words are very easy and fun to use. You can use them not only during chats, but also to speak with your friends. These are the most commonly used slang words in USA.

Most Commonly Used Slang Words In America:

Down to earth - someone who is humble, genuine

Zonked – very tired

Tea – the real truth

Swag – style

Simp – people pleaser

Lit – very exciting

Dope – very good or excellent

GOAT - the greatest of all time

On fleek – perfect

My bad – accepting your mistake

For real – seriously

Big mad – extremely angry

Cringe – to feel embarrassment

Fire – amazing

Freaky – a strange person

Slay – doing something very well

Weirdo – a weird person

Bet – yes or ok

No biggie – no problem

Sick – awesome

Hot – attractive

Beat – tired

Cheesy – silly

Bummer – disappointment

Bomb – really good

Fab – fabulous

Ripped – physically fit

Couch potato – a lazy person

Getting hitched – getting married

Hang out – to spend time with others

Pig out – to eat a lot

Screw up – to make a mistake

Wrap up – to finish something

Ditch – to skip

A blast – very fun

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