List Of Slang Words In English With Meaning - English Seeker

List Of Slang Words In English With Meaning - English Seeker

Slang words are very popular around the globe. People use them not only in their chats, but also to speak with their friends. Here’s the list of slang words in English with meaning.

List Of Slang Words In English With Meaning:

Gucci – good

Fam – group of friends

Cap – fake

Basic – boring

Noob – bad at something

Sus – suspicious

Hangry – hungry and angry

Emo – an emotional person

Nuts – crazy

Rocking – awesome

Joint – bar

Kicks – shoes

Ball – a good time

Gig – job or work

Dough – money

RecommendedCanadian Slang Words And Their Meanings

Guts – courage

Vibes – feelings

Zit – pimple

Heave – vomit

Icky – annoying

Wimp – a coward

Shades – sunglasses

Flicks – movies

Bonkers – mad

Crap - valueless

Knackered – very tired

Wicked – really good

Tea – gossip

Beauty – a great person

Lit – very exciting

Dope – very good

GOAT - the greatest of all time

Cringe – to feel embarrassment

Fire – amazing

Freaky – a strange person

Bet – yes or ok

Sick – awesome

Hot – attractive

Beat – tired

Cheesy – silly

Bummer – disappointment

Zonked – very tired

Bomb – really good

Fab – fabulous

Ripped – physically fit

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